Prototype Development
and Design


CNC Production






Welding and
Drilling Fixtures


Prototype Development
and Design

From initial concept through final prototype; If you want to get a single prototype or a few prototypes for fit check and material testing, we can provide that quickly. We can produce a few parts, or a complete production run.

We can help design and develop your idea/product. When a product is in development there are constant modifications needed; reworking and adjustments.

A&J can also help develop unique tools to help with the developments of your prototype or help with the production once you have the prototype you need. By having the proper tooling, you can cut on production time and costs.

Do you already have a part but are finding that it
doesn’t meet your requirements?

A&J can help you identify and fix the design issues that you have, and build a new part that will work for you. We can build a part to your exact specifications; make recommendations for a better or less expensive manufacturing process. We can take your drawings and create a finished product to meet your tolerance requirements.


CNC Production Parts

Our CNC milling equipment allows us to produce small individual parts to large heavy-duty parts ensuring precise sizes and shapes. We can perform complex operations up to 3 axes, set up for both prototyping and production runs. We can work with stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, polycarbonate, and brass. We can cut almost any material you need. A CNC machined production part from A&J Prototyping and tooling will meet all of your quality and tolerance specs and will be delivered on time.

Mold Repair

A&J can repair your mold by welding, rebuilding, or completely replacing it.
If it is beyond repair we can make a new mold for you.

Tools Repair, Modifications, and Rework Production

Contact us to find out how we can help correct non-conforming items and repair tools.
Keep in mind that we can machine and repair many machine parts for a much lower cost than
buying new and our turnaround is often quicker.